Top 5 Cringiest “Women in Tech” Community Names

Women in tech communities are some of the cringiest spaces imaginable. Whether it’s corporate climbers, bootcamp grads, or twitter famous tech posters, the women in tech scene is full of people who have internalised neoliberal tech capitalism to the core of their identity. When people like this imagine a better world, they don’t imagine a… Continue reading Top 5 Cringiest “Women in Tech” Community Names

TERFs <3 fascists

Response to Guardian Article “It’s not the police’s job to shut down political debate. They should stick to solving crime” Gender critical “feminism” is a uniquely British trend among the global anti-transgender movement. Despite the clear agenda of its adherents to undermine the rights of trans people and normalise hate and marginalisation directed against them,… Continue reading TERFs <3 fascists

Solidarity statement for tech workers in Ukraine and Donbas

The GAY COMMUNISM blog stands in solidarity with the tech workers in Ukraine and the independent Donetsk and Luhansk republics who are unable to push their latest commits to `master` and `main` due to ongoing geopolitical unrest. We say in one voice that we want this war to end so the focus of these workers… Continue reading Solidarity statement for tech workers in Ukraine and Donbas

The Agile Gender Manifesto

In the current gender landscape, those who fall back on static gender are at a competitive disadvantage. Cisgenderism (gender waterfall) is a legacy process. Continuous delivery of valuable new gender features and implentation of rapidly changing best gender practices is paramount. We welcome changing gender, even late in development. Agile gender harnesses change for the… Continue reading The Agile Gender Manifesto